Mouse and Key Recorder

ReplayOnly Mode

Often company departments want to deliver certain macros to other employees for enhancing their work. To be sure, the delivered macros are not changed, a ReplayOnly Recorder version can be used. That way the user can not record, edit and save macros. It is also possible to protect macros by using a CRC checksum.


The Mouse and Key Recorder - ReplayOnly Version is available in two variants:

  • ReplayOnly Mode: Only existing macros can be replayed, no new recording and editing is possible. 
  • ReplayOnly Protected Mode: Just macros with a valid CRC checksum can be replayed. No recording and editing is possible.

ReplayOnly Mode:
A special command like {{Replay.... puts the Recorder in the ReplayOnly mode. All recording and storing buttons are disabled. Existing macros can be replayed like in the normal Mouse and Key Recorder. The Recorder stays in this mode 'for ever'. Even a new installation does not change back the Recorder to normal.
The special command can be included into the delivered macro. When the user uses this macro the first time, the Recoder ist transferred to the ReplayOnly Status.
Despite the ReplayOnly mode the user could use an external editor (like Notepad) to change a macro... In this case the ReplayOnly Protected Mode helps...

ReplayOnly Protected Mode:
Another special command puts the Recorder in the ReplayOnly Protected mode. This mode is the same as the ReplayOnly Mode, but with one important addition: The used macros in this mode needs to contain a valid CRC Checksum. A little tool allows to equip a macro with this checksum.

How to get this ReplayOnly Mode Version:
You need to have ordered a site license for the Mouse and Key Recorder. (Or a world wide license)
Then the ReplayOnly Version is free. Write an E-Mail to the address in the contact page: Contact (Subject: Replay-Only)
We will send you the special commands and the CRC checksum tool.
Important: For using the ReplayOnly mode it is necessary you use Mouse and Key Recorder Version V4.5a or higher !

Remark: The Mouse and Key Recorder manual does not contain any information about the ReplayOnly mode. Please save this page as an instruction.