Mouse and Key Recorder


  • 1998, Dec, 15: Version 2.01: Command '{{stop' added.

  • 1999, Feb, 03: Version 2.02: Licensing updated.

  • 1999, May, 23: Version 2.5: 24 new functions added, command entry simplified.

  • 1999, May, 24: Version 2.5.1: Command Line - error removed

  • 1999, Aug, 01: Version 2.5.2: 'More than 9 variables' - error removed

  • 1999, Dez, 15: Version 3.0: Live recording in all Windows Apps. 10 new functions.

  • 2000, Apr, 08: Version 3.1: Adapted to Win 2000, Added file-browse, Added NumLock control, Built in parameter recursivity.

  • 2000, Jun, 19; Version 3.2 Corrected: Most keyboard language files, WaitFor(End)Focus

  • 2000, Jul, 29; Version 3.3 Added: {{CheckWindow, Hotkeys, Background keystroke logging, Corrected: WaitFor(End)Focus

  • 2000, Oct, 06; Version 4.0 Added: Relative mouse recording, Hotkeys, {{Minimize, {{Normalize, {{SetGenDelay. Error-corrections.

  • 2001, Feb, 01; Version 4.1 Maximize Rec Window removed. {{KeepSpace works now on all commands Editor shows error position. {{If expressions can now contain parameters.

  • 2001, Mar, 15; Version 4.2 Editor shows no status line. No save necessary for editing macro. Hotkey for abort. Empty strings are now possible.

  • 2002, Mar, 02: Version 4.3 Waiting for Internet Explorer download added. 'Mouse positioning', 'minimized start' and 'NumPad Enter' added.

  • 2002, July 01: Version 4.5 It is now possible to use Windows NT's 'AT-Scheduler' Command line can contain variable-parameters. Macro hotkeys added. Debug logging added. Licensing changed.

  • 2002, Sept 01: Version 4.5a ReadOnly functionality added. Focus after {{LoadMacro - error removed

  • 2003, Mar, 15: Version 5.0 Fully new user interface. New functions: {{WaitForScreenChange, {{Time
    {{CreateDir, {{DeleteDir, {{CTRL, {{Alt, {{Space, improved {{Switch Variables can be named, NumPad-Keys are addressable now Editor is now included in MKR and contains replace and 1-step undo. Recorded commands can now be inserted between lines. 'Always on top' mode added.

  • 2003, Aug, 01: Version 5.1 15 new mathematical and string commands, plus command {{StartAndWait.
    Loops also possible in {{Master macros. Extended {{Switch command (<=, =>) New: Left handed mouse switch. Constant for space added.

  • 2004, Jan, 01: Version 5.2 New commands: {{NoFocus, {{PrepareScreenChange, {{GetWindowName {{CapsLockOn, {{CapsLockOff.
    Macro-List added (Shift F1), CommandLine -MKRHide added.

  • 2004, Juni 19: Version 5.3 New commands: {{FlashBox, {{AppPath, {{SetIEFocus, {{GetPixel, {{Tab.

  • 2004, Okt, 10: Version 5.4 New Commands: {{RGB, {{Tab und {{Space.
    Macro run shown by color. Option: Adding Delays during recording.. Flashbox with two definable buttons. Macro-Pause hotkey added. 

  • 2005, Feb, 01: Version 5.5. New commands: {{Decode, {{ALT+ and {{ALT-. {{If - conditions: AND and OR. Mouse click on actual location. Rare run time errors correted.

  • 2005, July, 20: Version 5.6. New commands: {{FindPattern, {{SerialTime, {{Sort. Recording icon and recording hotkey added. Run Time Error: No access to \Tasks corrected.

  • 2005, Nov, 20: Version 5.7. New Commands: {{GetWindowPos, {{GetCursorPos, {{ShowInfo. Improvements: Slow Drag and Drop. Corrections: FindPattern 'Not always recording error'

  • 2007, Jan, 05: Version 6.0. New Commands: {{SendTextSpecial, {{SendTextNormal, {{WaitForKey, {{SetLoop, {{DebugOn, {{DebugOff. Option -RECORDMOUSE added. Corrections: SerialTime internationalized, Very large macros can now be interrupted in case an error appears. NumLock corrected.

  • 2007, Juni, 10: Version 6.1: New commands for Windows Vista:    {{WindowsAeroOn, {{WindowsAeroOff, {{GetAeroState, Mouse Entry. Other commands: {{KeyDownTime, {{ReadHotKeys, {{FindPattern extended, {{WaitForKey extended, Insert Commands in alphabetic order.

  • 2007, Sept. 15: Version 6.2: New commands: {{ScanDirectories, {{Gosub. Manual improved (Examples added)

  • 2007, Nov. 20: Version 6.3: Corrections: {{FindPattern Memory leak removed and command improved, Windows Vista {{SetVar Problems corrected.

  • 2008, July 21: Version 6.4: New: {{ShowPattern, {{ResetLogFile, {{ImportNextLine new parameter ==> Jump to line. FlashBox position is stored now. At the end of {{Master the Master Makro is loaded again. Corrections: {{WaitForTime, "Diryt-Flag", LogFile Access, AlwaysOnTop after Minimize.

  • 2009, March 23: Version 6.5. New: {{FileSize, {{Calc.
    {{FindPattern: Small preview, Variables are stored in RAM (more speed, less conflicts). {{SetIEFocus: Better solution.

  • 2010, Jan. 05: Version 6.6. Extensions: {{CopyFile allows wildcards now. {{ScanDirectories stores number of found files. Converting of special characters like {}.
    Corrections: {{StartAndWait and {{SetClipBoard use quotations marks correctly. {{Sort: No crashes anymore if lots of variables are sorted. {{Exit: Variables are stored also when {{Exit is used.

  • 2011, Jan. 15: Version 6.7. New: {{PCIdle. Improvements:
    {{FindPattern seven times faster and works also with Aero Glass Mode. {{WaitForScreenChange  works also with Aero Glass Mode.. ReplaceBraces.exe is now built in as a command. {{CreateDir can now create a whole tree at once. Tab: Scheduled Tasks adapted to Windows 7.

  • 2012, Jan. 05: Version 7.0: New:{{LockUI, {{CreateSerialTime
    {{AddSerialTime, {{CopyDir, {{HDFreeSpace, {{HDUsedSpace, {{FileAttrib. Improved: {{SendTextSpecial+, {{WaitForTime,
    {{RandomString,{{If, {{DeleteDir, Editor Fonts. Changed: Dot.Net, Keystroke logging removed, {{StartAndWait, {{Calc, Hotkeys and recording combined.

  • 2012, May 20: Version 7.1: New: SendEmail, Context menue in editor, Improved: {{Ask and {{GlobAsk, Copy / Paste in editor (crashes), {{FindPattern works now also for 1366x768 screens.
    Cut / Paste problem solved (line jumps)

  • 2013, Jan. 02: Version 7.2: New: {{GetOSVersion.
    Improved: {{Ask, {{GlobAsk. Adapted to Windows 8

  • 2014, Jan. 02: Version 7.3: +{{WindowsKey M} corrected
    Improved: Hotkey for Stop and Pause can be set now.
    Adapted to Windows 8.1.
    Version 7.3a: DragMouse corrected. {{StartAndWait corrected.
    {{WaitForFocus (minimized) corrected

  • 2015, March 30: Version 7.4: {{WaitForMouse and
    {{Start/Stop/WaitFor-GlobHotKey added. Some exotic errors corrected.

  • 2015, August 15: Version 7.5. New: {{SerialToDate. Improved: Documentation. Corrected: Mouse click location error by screen zoom other than 100%. Adapted to Windows 10. {{SendTextSpecial defined as standard.

  • 2016, January 25: Version 7.6. Improved: {{Decode as parameter. Documentation. {{SendEMail now with attachments. Corrected: Hooks for hotkeys. Small error corrections.

  • 2016, March 01: Version 7.7.  New: {{GetScreenSize. Corrected:
    {{DragMouse, Improved: {{SendTextSpecial (default changed back to {{SendTextNormal), Documentation corrections and improvements.

  • 2017, January 30: Version 7.8.  New: {{GetGenDelay. Improved: Windowskey. Corrected: SendEMail, macro example, documentation.

  • 2017, May 20: Version 8.0.  Corrected: Mouse recording. (Repeated recording failed in Windows 10 Creators Update April 2017).

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