Car-Slot Allocation 


The Car-Slot Allocation Program can be tested live. Therefore no test version download is provided.


  • Single user licensed-version US$ 38.-
  • Site licensed version: US$ 170.-
  • World wide site licensed version: US$ 450.-

End User License Agreement

Information: After paying you will get the license information immediately online. Important: To get the license information you need to click the link: 'Return to Kratronic Corp.' after paying.


Ordering  Car-Slot Allocation Program:

Ordering by PayPal. PayPal accepts: Credit cards und bank transfer. For other options pelase contact Kra-Tronic Corp.

Single user licensed version (US$ 38.-):  
Site licensed version (US$ 170.-):
World wide site licensed version (US$ 450.-):

Upgrade: If you have bought a 'Car-Slot Allocation Program' license earlier on, you can get an upgrade free. Just write an e-mail. Contact. Please mention the word Car-slot Allocation-Upgrade, your name or e-mail address you used for your previous order. You will get an e-mail containing the new link within a week.

Hint: The 'Car-Slot Allocation Program' installation does not contain any Spyware or adware.